Dave Weller, a past President of Sebastian Nest #284
and a past Supreme Officer passed away October 24th.
His battle with cancer is over.
There will be no services per his request.
He did love his Orioles and was very active in Sebastian.

Please remember Dave's family in your thoughts & prayers

  1st Prize$400.00Ty Newman, Lancaster Aux #120
  2nd Prize   $200.00Lorrie Laurence, Lancaster Aux #120
  3rd Prize$100.00Angela Nolan, S. Akron Aux #167
  4th Prize      $50.00Michelle Salamun, S. Akron Aux #167
  5th Prize      $50.00Ray Martzall, Denver Nest #54
  6th Prize  $25.00 *  Carolyn McCardle, S. Akron Aux #167
  7th Prize  $25.00Carolyn McCardle, S. Akron Aux #167
  8th Prize      $25.00 *   Linda Reilly, Pottstown Aux #150
  9th Prize      $10.00     Rosanne Ferraro, Lancaster Aux #120
  10th Prize    $10.00     Lavern Armbruster, Lehighton Aux #183
  11th Prize    $10.00     Sandy DuVal, Lima Aux #173
  12th Prize    $10.00     Peggy Hart, Lima Aux #173

* Prize Donated Back - THANK YOU!

Supreme Recording Secretary Carol Jenkins-Anderson
has a new e-mail address - it's ohbirdlady@yahoo.com

Yours in L.  I.  F.  E.
The Fraternal Order Orioles is a social organization that was organized in August 1910. It is comprised of men and women who want to make a difference in their respective communities by serving the community in a variety of ways.  On the local level, Nests and Auxiliaries sponsor various fund raising events for members and their families; provide food for the needy during the holidays; support local projects, such as the YMCA/YWCA, rehabilitation centers, hospice care, etc.; award scholarships to members or their immediate family members so they can continue their education; as well as participate in many other functions.

Currently, our organization covers the east coast and parts of the mid-west, but is not limited by any means.  Our goal is to achieve one million members throughout the United States and Canada.

Anyone wishing to receive information on how to organize an Oriole Nest or Auxiliary should contact the Supreme office.
Established 1910
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